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Of course, today fitness restricts female bodybuilding in all respects though more recently millions women all over the world dreamed to resemble slightly even on such AMG LITE as Reproach Aversom or Rachel Maklesh. All the matter is that recently female bodybuilding has moved on a man's way. The criterion AMG LITE has prevailed over feeling of common sense and a measure. Very few people from modern women wishes to follow thus new, deprived to felinity, an ideal. To that at fitness more increasing and more fans. Itself Danes does not doubt at all, that having left bodybuilding, has chosen a correct way.

Externally Danes is young Sophia Loren in east variant. Present, mother - japan, the father - the Italian! Danes never carried itself to ugly creatures, however already in 19 years has wanted to correct a figure. And as a push to it magazine " Playboy " has served! In a show-window of street booth Danes has seen a cover with a beauty who has amazed with its perfection of forms. Danes has bought magazine and has read through, that by a figure AMG LITE it is obliged to weights.

Danes at once has bought the subscription in an exercise room, but training there it has quickly disappointed. She did not feel the present loading! And here once it has come in sport club where owing to poverty there was nothing, except for bars and dumbbells. Here here Danes at last has found itself. - here that it searched for heavy base training!

In a year Danes has taken part in tournament on bodybuilding and at once has won, and and in the category, and in absolute offset! Since then it has decided to devote the life to "iron" sports.

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